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Istanbul, Turkey Accommodations: Sultan's Inn Hotel Review

It was a smart move to organize a hotel pick up. Hefty at 25,00 €, but worth every dang cent. After a Philippines-Singapore-Malaysia-United Arab Emirates-Turkey transit, we were sleep-deprived and weary to the bones and bordering deranged. Our cabbie was at Atatürk International Airport's arrival hall on the dot, and in my head I wanted to run towards him and squeeze him in delight.

What I did in real life, as a greeting, was a mere grunt.

Sultan's Inn's rooftop, where guests can have brekkie.

With droopy eyes, I watched the Turkish world out my window as we whizzed towards the heart of Sultanahmet. The drive's about half an hour, and a part of our route unveiled a view of the Sea of Marmara. That certainly kept me up.

Our room wasn't available yet when we arrived at the hotel. But after a quick brekkie of menemen (which we grew an obsession for) at a nearby cafe, we were checked in when we got back.

Tight space, yet the bathroom's massive.

Like many other guesthouses and small hotels in Istanbul, Sultan's Inn has about four floors and a rooftop converted to a lounge area. Like the others, it doesn't have a lift. We were assigned a room on the fourth floor, and we were fortunate that the bell man was around to help us with the luggage.

Our double room has a colossal bed. Prolly too colossal that it ate all the floor space. The bathroom, massive. Air-conditioning is individually controlled and there's 24-hour hot shower. We were happy to have our own fridge though we didn't have much use for it. 

Brekkie spread.
Breakfast is served on the same floor. The spread's got a pretty good selection during our stay and one could apple tea all-you-want (which meant a lot for the hubby). Guests may bring their food up the last set of stairs to the rooftop that offers a view of the Blue Mosque on one side and the Sea of Marmara on the other.

In the afternoon, Sultan's Inn also provides free snacks. Usually pastries, plus coffee and tea. Also served in the brekkie hall.

View of Blue Mosque from Sultan's Inn's rooftop.

Price of double room with brekkie at Sultan's Inn is 55,00 € (single 50,00 €, triple 70,00 €). It was way beyond our budget. But because of its proximity to Sultanahmet's (the old city of Istanbul) sights, plus its great reviews online, we booked with them anyway. The hotel has a good range of tour packages but we didn't try any.

We didn't really have to. The main attractions are just a few blocks away from it. Sultan's Inn, though very near the city buzz, sits on a quiet street which makes it an ideal temporary abode. The streets we had to walk on from the hotel to our various destinations weren't dodgy. Not a single time did we feel unsafe in the hotel's hood.

Our fave nook on the rooftop.

Except for our dripping aircon when turned off and the nonexistent elevator, we loved everything else about Sultan's Inn. If we get the chance to revisit Istanbul, will definitely consider staying here again. And when the time comes, I hope the Turkish embassy in the Philippines lets me stay in the country for more than two weeks.

Sultan's Inn Hotel
Mustafa Pasa Sokak No.40
Kucukayasofya Mahallesi
Sultanahmet, Istanbul


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michymichymoo said...
July 10, 2014 at 2:01 PM

I was amazed with the brekkie spread. So healthy! :) said...
July 11, 2014 at 7:45 AM

Yes, they eat healthy brekkie :) There's always cucumber and onions and tomatoes and olives.

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