"Pinay" is short for Filipina.

Gay Emami is a Tarlac-born-slash-Manila-raised cheapskate backpacker (will walk 3 hours just to save $3), an ex-pescetarian, mouse potato, culture junkie, Joni Mitchell fan, retired partyphile, fridge magnet collector, a tree hugger, web content writer and a New Age mum.

She's got a perpetual hunger for adventure and loves the feeling of being lost (except when running late for a bus).

The past decade, her life mainly revolved around backpacking... and working odd jobs long enough to fund the next trip. She aims to promote Philippine tourism not only by hosting foreign visitors in her country, but also by sharing the Filipino culture while traveling overseas. She also dreams of inspiring her fellow Pinays to construct their own itineraries and pack their bags (light!) for there's always more outdoor.

Now she, her backpacking buddy-slash-husband Shervin and their 1-year old daughter Luna are on an epic trip, living out of boxes and backpacks for possibly a year around the Philippines and perhaps the world.

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