Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pop Talk Third Anniversary Special: Look Pa, I'm On Telly Again!

So I crawled out of my blogger cave. And it wasn't an easy path.

You could easily make me abseil or cross a one-rope bridge, but I can be a major wuss in front of the cam.

We were in Puerto Galera for the Malasimbo Music And Arts Festival when I received an invite via SMS from one of Pop Talk's production staff to be a 'reviewer' for their third anniversary episode. My immediate reply, a fat no, was held up by my sister.

"You should say yes.", she delivered it as if it's some advice that can save the world. 


Took a while (and tons of courage), but I eventually agreed to a five-day Boracay trip for the shoot. Because I will prolly never go back to Boracay at my own initiation. And because my father, who was confined in the hospital that time told me, "I wanna see you on TV again.".

Or he just didn't want to see me weeping by his side.

My father visited the island a number of times in the 80s. It was his old photos of Boracay back when it was paradisical that inspired me to make adventures of my own when I was a youngling. So in a way, the trip was a homage.

Here are a few snippets of the episode available online.

"Basta nagets ko sailing, boarding, physics... Things I'm not good at!", and I laughed at my own confession.

When asked if I'll do the ocean walk again, I replied, "Not tomorrow!".

Had a discreet battle against co-reviewer Philipp over who gets the bigger portion of the homemade corn soup.

 "Gusto kita.", co-reviewer Philipp talking to his panang curry(?).

Pop Talk introduced me to a bunch of cool people, took me to parts of Boracay I haven't set foot on, and helped me face my fear of deep water. And oh, my guesting made ze pop truly proud.

The show's on every Saturday, 8:00 PM, GMA News TV. Hosted by Tonipet Gaba.




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